Common Scents Oils: A Specialist in Body Oils and Scents

An increasing number of people now prefer body oils for their alcohol-free content. Common Scents Oils specializes in offering fragrance oils for men and women. The company produces only oil based scents that not only last longer, but don't carry any of the negative effects of alcohol.


Benefits of Oil Scents 

Oils last longer because they don't evaporate quickly. This means that these unisex oils provide continuous aroma. This is unlike alcohol-based fragrances that are strong initially, but lose the aroma quickly, requiring users to apply the scent often. Common Scents Oils’ spokesperson explains how it works, “Our products are made of fragrance oil without any alcohol content. When you choose from other brands, there is a mixture of up to 90% alcohol in the perfumes and Cologne. The presence of alcohol increases the speed of evaporation and the aroma doesn't last long.”

The company offers a large selection of scents and sprays made of body oils. There is also a wider choice of essential oils and blends to choose from. The use of natural ingredients enhances the overall experience, while making the scents safer to use. “Conventional scents have alcohol that often comes in contact with skin. The harmful effects of alcohol have been well known. Our products contain safe oils that can be used anytime,” the spokesperson added.

Feel Better with Oils

The company offers both men and women oils. Unlike conventional perfumes, the company offers products that also help the user feel relaxed. “The purpose of scents is not just to impress someone else. It is also to make you feel better and in a healthier way,” the spokesperson added. 

Scents are meant to have lasting effects. The longer they linger, the better the user feels. And that is possible only with perfumes and scents that have body oils in higher percentages. 

For more information about the product offerings and for media enquiries, it is recommended to directly contact the company’s representative.

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